Fairmount is a non-profit lot-owner owned cemetery association. We are a locally owned and operated company serving the community in which we live with 7 premier cemetery parks. ​ For over 130 years our Fairmount Memorial Family has been honored to celebrate the lives of many from throughout our local community. With deep commitment we have developed solid relationships throughout Spokane. Each one of our cemeteries began as a private enterprise. Through the years many of these cemeteries struggled and maintenance and care were often neglected. Intrinsic to our mission and to our community focus, Fairmount Memorial Association took on these obligations and invested in preserving and developing these parks and cemeteries. Our beautiful parks serve as the final resting place for many from our community as well as for notable pioneers who were instrumental in the development of Spokane Falls; later to be and currently known as Spokane. As one experiences our cemeteries, monuments bespeak the history of lives well lived; lives that have earnestly paved the way to the Spokane of today. Owning 750+ acres of land and with slightly less than 350 developed; our association through careful utilization and management is prepared to meet the needs of our community for hundreds of years to come. ​ Our highly trained and professional staff is committed to serving you. Providing unwavering compassion and exceptional care; preserving the precious memories of lives never to be forgotten. Whether cremation, casketed entombment or scattering, it will be our honor to assist you. ​
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