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Building with Books: LEGO Club

Cheney Public Library. 4pm-5pm. Show off your building and engineering skills! We share a story with you and then provide a building challenge to test your LEGO building know-how. Grades K–5

Plant Starts Swap

Cheney Public Library. 1pm-4pm. Add variety to your garden! Bring your extra plant starts to share and pick up some left by other enthusiasts. Adults

Master Gardners Plant Clinic

Cheney Public Library. 1pm-5pm. Need assistance identifying a garden pest or determining why a plant is not thriving? The Master Gardeners can help with a wide variety of horticulture issues, including plant selection, installation, and maintenance; plant problem diagnosis and treatment; environmentally sound gardening practices; pest identification* and management; and effective landscaping practices. All ages  …

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STEM: Marble Roller Coasters

Cheney Public Library. 4pm-5pm. Take a marble for a wild ride on a roller coaster you design and build. How many twists, turns, and loop-the-loops will yours have? Discover how the roller coaster demonstrates the principles of kinetic and potential energy. Ages 8–12

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